Bosch IoT solutions

Connected products, services, and solutions

The unrivaled competence of Bosch in the IoT

The breadth of capabilities allows innovative solutions in a wide variety of domains.


A unique history

For 130 years, Bosch is striving for solutions which makes life better and more secure — now we are taking the next step and use the opportunities of the internet of things.


Diversification as a strategic advantage

Only very few industrial enterprises can draw on software and sensor technology expertise to the extent we can — we can connect many things with each other, e.g cars, homes, buildings or industrial technology.


Leader in a key technology

Bosch is the global market leader in the area of microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS).


Open platform strategy

From the very beginning, we aim to facilitate collaboration and incorporate a wide range of user requirements. We cooperate with external partners to provide the best solution.


Clear strategic focus

In future, every electronic product of Bosch will be web-enabled.


A full-line IoT provider

With our own IoT Suite and our own IoT Cloud, it is the customer who will have the first and last word on how personal data are used.

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