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Sustainable, ecological, and socially responsible action

With technology “Invented for life” we are securing our company’s lasting success. At the same time, we are contributing to protecting the natural environment for current and future generations.

Facts and figures

The year 2019 is the first in which Bosch is releasing two publications about sustainability-related activities. The comprehensive “factbook” introduces to facts and figures according to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative. “spotlights” presents the highlights of the reporting year.

Bosch sustainability report 2018 factbook


Sustainability report 2018

Bosch sustainability report 2018 spotlights


Sustainability report 2018

Carbon neutrality

Bosch is becoming carbon neutral

Bosch is committed to climate action and to achieving the Paris Agreement’s two-degree target. In 2020, we want to make emissions in our direct sphere of influence (scope 1 and 2) climate-neutral worldwide. By 2030, we then want to achieve a further improvement in terms of climate protection on the basis of the quality of the measures applied.

Carbon neutral by 2020

research and development, production and administration

The new target vision

Bosch's new target vision

With the new target vision “New Dimensions – Sustainability 2025”, Bosch is now defining ambitious goals that it plans to achieve by 2025, and is focusing its activities even more on solving the challenges society faces.

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Annette Wagner, head of corporate office sustainability and ideas lab

Any questions about sustainability?

Annette Wagner
Head of Sustainability and Ideas Lab
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